Irresponsible hamster owners should just buy talking hamster toys

Please don't get a real hamster just for the Year of the Rat.

Sumita Thiagarajan | January 17, 2020, 05:49 PM

A pet hamster with a tumour was found dumped in a trash bin in Singapore on Jan. 12.

The hamster succumbed to its fate and passed away.

According to Hamster Society Singapore, volunteers have dealt with six cases of hamster abandonment in the first 11 days of this year.

Hamster sales are on an upward trend at pet stores in Johor Bahru as people usher in the Year of the Rat, according to The Star.

While hamsters might look small and cute, they are still a big commitment.

Their average lifespan is about four years or more and they do fall ill.

So, here's an alternative that might be a better option.

Here's some reasons why a talking hamster toy is a better than a real, live one

1. This hamster toy 'talks'

According to this product page on Lazada, the talking hamster repeats everything you say in a "funny and high-pitched voice".

screenshot of talking toy Photo from Lazada

The hamster repeats everything you say, regardless of which language you're speaking.

Currently, the promotional price of this hamster toy is S$9.20, excluding shipping fees.

2. This toy is a great for keeping children occupied

Unlike real hamsters, this toy can bop and move its head if you pat its head.

This makes the toy a great toy to keep your young children occupied, as seen in the video below.

With the toy, you never have to worry about young children accidentally hurting a live hamster or losing them.

2. You can dress your toy up and bring it around with you

dressed-up-toy Photo by Handbags&More/Facebook

With a toy, you can dress it up without worrying about people coming after you about animal cruelty.

At the same time, you can bring the hamster toy with you everywhere you go.

3. The toy is not a big commitment as compared to a live hamster

The hamster toy will keep you company as long as you change its batteries and does not need to be fed and will never have a large veterinary fee.

On the other hand, real, live hamsters require a lot of care and attention, especially if you are a first-time adopter.

According to Hamster Society Singapore, hamsters have the following needs:

  • Cage - 80cm by 50cm of flat, unbroken floor space
  • Bedding - unscented paper or aspen
  • Wheel - NON-WIRED wheels that are large enough for your hamster to run with a straight back,
  • Hideouts - At least a few hideouts of appropriate size (depending on the species of your hamster)
  • Sand bath - Unscented sand in big glass bottles or large deep trays
  • Food - Your standard seed mix should be supplemented with lab blocks and some fresh greens
  • Water - Mounted or Stand-alone water bottle (Secure), or water bowls

photo of hss hamster starter kit Photo from Hamster Society Singapore

If still want to get a live hamster, adoption is an option.

If you still want to get a real hamster as a new addition to your family, you can check out Hamster Society Singapore's adoption gallery here.

For a full list of where to adopt hamsters, check out this blog post by Pet Lovers Centre.

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