1st case of Wuhan pneumonia coronavirus confirmed in South Korea

South Korea will be running a 24-hour emergency quarantine system.

Joshua Lee| January 20, 03:34 PM

South Korea has confirmed its first case of the new coronavirus that originated from Wuhan, China.

Female patient had flown in from Wuhan

South Korea's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said in a statement that the patient is a 35-year-old Chinese female resident from Wuhan, reported Reuters.

She had flown from Wuhan to South Korea's Incheon Airport on Sunday (Jan. 19). Reuters reported that the woman displayed symptoms including a high fever.

According to South Korean authorities, the woman reported having fever, chills, and muscle pain on Saturday (Jan. 19). She sought treatment in Wuhan and was given a cold prescription

The patient told South Korean authorities she was given a cold prescription in Wuhan on Saturday (Jan. 19) after seeking treatment for symptoms such as fever, chills and muscle pain.

“The confirmed patient was identified in the quarantine phase and there is no community exposure. Those that have come in contact, including passengers and aircraft crew, are currently being investigated," said the KCDC.

Reuters added that the KCDC has raised its infection level from "attention" to "caution" and will step up its monitoring efforts.

The wire agency also reported that South Korean city and provincial governments will be running a 24-hour emergency quarantine system.

Reported cases in China tripled

Over the weekend, the number of reported cases in China tripled to more than 200. China has also confirmed a third death from the new virus.

China has also increased its precautionary measures against the spread of the new virus in view of the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday.

Many of the 1.4 billion people in China will be travelling domestically and abroad during the seven-day holiday.

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