S'poreans can book a staycation inside a 280sqft shipping container at up to S$200/night


Ashley Tan | January 19, 2020, 02:27 PM

If you're looking for a short staycation somewhere in Singapore, why not ditch the conventional hotel, and try something different—like a stay inside a shipping container?


Living inside a container

This is the brand new hotel experience, a business idea approved by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Shipping Container Hotel is touting.

Described as a "pop-up" hotel, Shipping Container Hotels provide a retreat in more secluded places for those looking to relax, unwind and try "off-grid living".

According to its website, the hotels will not stay at a single place for more than two or three years, and will periodically move to different locations around Singapore.

Here's what the exterior of the container looks like.

There's even a porch and fancy deck chairs for guests to lounge on outside.

Photo from shippingcontainerhotel.com

Photo from shippingcontainerhotel.com

Minimalist furnishing

While the thought of staying inside a shipping container might invoke imagery of a stuffy environment and bare-bones decor, the interior of the Shipping Container Hotel looks pretty slick and well-furnished.

The 280 sqft space comes complete with a full kitchen including microwave, oven, fridge and washing machine, and even a cozy dining space.

Photo from shippingcontainerhotel.com

Photo from shippingcontainerhotel.com

The sofa can also be folded down to make space for a fold-out queen-sized bed above.

Opposite the bed is a 42-inch TV. Those worried about living completely off-the-grid can also rest easy, as Wi-Fi is available.

Photo from shippingcontainerhotel.com

Photo from shippingcontainerhotel.com

Photo from shippingcontainerhotel.com

The bathroom looks fancy enough as well.

Photo from shippingcontainerhotel.com

Containers now at One-North

Currently, both containers are located at [email protected], at Ayer Rajah Crescent.

Guests can head out for food and drinks at Timbre+, which is located right across from the hotel.

Photo from shippingcontainerhotel.com

Rooms are available from S$150 to S$200 per night, with the price depending on the day.

The container hotels can accommodate a maximum of four people.

You can book the rooms via this website here.

Top photo from shippingcontainerhotel.com