M’sia restaurant staff rummage in piles of rubbish & seafood shells to help customer find lost ring

Next-level service.

Tanya Ong | January 20, 01:55 pm


Losing something of sentimental value, like a ring, can be pretty distressing.

Losing it in a tonne of crab shells?

More than pretty distressing.

Lost ring in seafood restaurant

One woman in Malaysia recently went through such an experience while she was dining at a seafood restaurant.

According to a Facebook post by Daryl William Bridger, he said that his wife discovered that she had misplaced her ring after having dinner at Fatty Crab.

Fatty Crab, which is located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, is a seafood eatery known for their crab dishes.

Daryl William Bridger/FB

Bridger wrote that they rushed back to the restaurant in an attempt to look for the ring, which had sentimental value because it was a gift from his wife’s mother.

Daryl William Bridger/FB

And in an overwhelming show of support for this endeavour, Bridger claimed that half the staff stopped work to start searching all the rubbish bins.

In one of the photos, the staff appeared to be rummaging through seafood shells:

Daryl William Bridger/FB

Thankfully, the ring was eventually found, eliciting applause and cheers from the staff.

Bridger expressed his gratitude towards the staff, who apparently rejected a tip, for their “sincerity and loyalty to their customers”.

This is his Facebook post:

Top photo composite image via Daryl William Bridger/FB

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