R.chord Hsieh's wife suffered miscarriage 39 days into pregnancy, suspected from stress of husband's affair

According to Keanna, Hsieh would fill the house with the smell of weed.

Tanya Ong| January 11, 01:11 PM

Taiwanese singer-songwriter R.chord Hsieh recently said that he was dating a livestreamer, and that he intended to divorce his pregnant wife, Keanna Taiyh.

This was following his arrest when Keanna reported him to the police for drug use.

Suffered miscarriage

On Jan. 9, ETToday reported that Keanna suffered a miscarriage 39 days into her pregnancy.

According to ETToday, Keanna was confirmed to be pregnant on Nov. 11, 2019. On Dec. 19, 2019, however, an ultrasound revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage.

Doctors also suggested that the miscarriage could be attributed to the fact that she was under great stress and had not been resting well. They were also concerned about her "psychological state".

A good friend of Keanna also shared with ETToday that it was suspected that she "could not take the news about Hsieh and Liya".

Conflict between Hsieh & Keanna

Earlier in January this year, Hsieh had uploaded a new music video "妳曾經讓我心動" (You used to move my heart), featuring his girlfriend Liya.

Previously, he had made a music video "Thank you for loving me" in 2016, featuring Keanna.

That video appears to be no longer available on YouTube.

Hsieh also recently uploaded a video showing off his calf tattoo. He had gotten a cover-up of what was originally a tattoo of Keanna's face.

Keanna has also taken to Instagram to slam the couple.

On Jan. 7, she claimed that Liya was just using Hsieh for fame.

In her post, she also said that they publicly appeared to have a very close relationship, but claimed that the first time Liya met her husband in person was only in December 2019.

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(先說現在謝和弦的行為不是發病,已經是個人的意識行為了且清楚知道自己在做什麽了) 所以 妳? 其中一個,那個最沒有道德、利用剛好之前 在躁期病人的「衝動性_行為」與「衝動_性行為」 還自己發記者美化說成很感謝扣哥在妳被騷擾的時候幫妳?保護妳?保護的方式是跟我先生約住同一間房陪睡?都睡到要幫妳拍MV了呢~這不是想紅看人淺規則是什麼?(我阿嬤說:說謊下地獄會被拔舌頭。希望是真的👅) . .因為目前「只有妳」被爆出來,畢竟其他女生們現在都避之不及也不敢聯絡,只剩下彼此,所以乾脆一起演出的好像認識很久感情深厚,其實11月底還在跟別的男生曖昧,跟我先生第一次見面也不過是12月4號的溫泉約泡。(當時還故意追蹤我、洗我IG的讚要我發現注意到妳)真的是心機心醜一次到位。(給妳拍拍手)

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On Jan. 9, Keanna also posted a screenshot of Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao's interview with Taiwanese media on Instagram.

In the interview, Hsiao had defended Keanna's actions of reporting Hsieh to the authorities for cannabis usage.

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「首先說明我不攻擊,只澄清那些抹黑我的事實」 . 每個月花十幾萬買大麻,越抽越大,越抽越躁,抽的滿屋子都大麻味,還ㄎㄧㄤ到要拿給懷孕中的我抽!,我報警抓你剛好而已!(一個不小心就比你Rocker了) 交保還演一付被背叛的樣子說對老婆的檢舉切心? 你切心,那我是不是要切蛋糕? . . 抱歉,我真的無法像現在你身邊那些利用你,想從你身上得到好處或「資源」的人一樣, 違背我自己的三觀與自律,去配合、討好、迎合你,對你失望的真正好朋友們也是! . .真正的做自己,是建立在不傷害別人的原則上的。 溫柔善良不代表你們可以如此不尊重與得寸進尺的欺負羞辱別人,如果你硬要扯星座, . .好~那就來看看獅子座硬起來有多帥! . .借一下有才有愛有禮三觀又正的老蕭照幽默一用☺️ 還有.. . #我唱歌真的比較好聽

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In the post, Keanna claimed that Hsieh would spend over NT$100,000 (S$4,500) on weed every month.

He would allegedly fill the entire house with the smell of weed, and apparently, even offered her weed when she was pregnant.

She said:

"Sorry. I really cannot be like the person beside you now, who is just using you for benefits...If you want to be yourself, it has to be built upon the principle of not hurting others."

Keanna's Instagram account has over 317,000 followers. She is currently following only one person -- Jam Hsiao.

Top photo via Keanna Taiyh/IG, YouTube video screenshot