Thai cosmetic brand releases Milk Tea Body Lotion at S$4.44 for calorie-free BBT indulgence

When will it stop??

Ashley Tan | January 6, 05:43 pm


The global bubble tea craze has seen plenty of food items inspired by the drink.

Some of which include:

Brown sugar boba-inspired glutinous rice balls selling at S$2.65/pack in Taiwan

Japanese stall sells rice bowls topped with bubble tea pearls

Bubble tea pearls on French fries sold in the Philippines leads to questions if we’ve gone too far

And it seems the bubble tea fanbase can no longer be appeased by simply ingesting bubble tea — now you can smell like bubble tea too.

Craving BBT?

Thai cosmetic brand Mistine revealed in a recent Facebook post a new product.

Touted as a Milk Tea Body Lotion, the lotion has a milk tea scent that will probably leave you smelling quite sweet.

From the photo, the pale brown packaging takes after the colours of a cup of milk tea, with illustrations of black pearls covering the bottle.

The lotion’s ingredients list include black tea and milk protein, which are supposed to moisturise and give your skin a soft and supple feel.

Vitamins B3 and E, believed to have anti-aging properties, are also included to help revitalise and brighten your skin.

It was not mentioned if there are “pearls” inside the lotion.

Perhaps some smaller ones to help you exfoliate?

The body lotion is currently available on Lazada Thailand at 99 baht (S$4.44) for a 200ml bottle.

Photo from Lazada Thailand

International shipping does not appear to be available though.

Hopefully (or not), the product will be made available in other countries in the future.

Top photo from Mistine / FB and Lazada Thailand

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