McDonald's Japan latest dessert pie is called 'Adult Cream Pie'. Why?

Trust Japan to come up with these kinds of things. 

Guan Zhen Tan| January 13, 05:34 PM

McDonald's Japan latest dessert pies will hit local outlets on Jan. 15, 2020.

It comes in two flavours, Belgian Chocola and Sweet Fromage, and retails for 150 yen each (S$1.84).

Photo from McDonald's Japan's Twitter

Seems delicious.

What's unfortunate is the name of the dessert - in Japanese, it's "otona no cream pie", or it's the more salacious English version, "adult cream pie."

It's quite possible that it's not intentional.

"Otona", the word for adult, is also used in many Japanese confectionaries that are less sweet, perhaps because it's seen as more suitable or fitting for an adult.

For example, KitKat has a dark chocolate version of their chocolates in Japan, called "otona no amasa", or "adult sweetness".


Photo via Nestle Japan's website


As such, McDonald's Japan is just trying to describe their creamy dessert pie which is not cloyingly sweet, rather than hinting at anything raunchy.

Guess we all got to grow up a little.

H/T: SoraNews

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Top image via McDonald's Japan's Twitter