S'porean fell sick & felt ominous presence after accepting free mannequins & wig from Carouseller

No no no no no.

Fasiha Nazren| January 03, 02:57 PM

Carousell is a treasure trove of truly ridiculous Carouhell stories.

But one lady in Singapore recently had a rather creepy experience thanks to the app.

Eerie Carouhell experience

On Jan. 1, Nadie Othman shared her scary Carouhell experience on Facebook.

She had purchased a second-hand item from the online marketplace when the same seller messaged her the following day to give her a few beauty items for free.

Thinking it was a good deal, Nadie didn't find it suspicious and accepted the offer.

She planned on collecting the free items a few days later but the seller wanted her to have them that very night.

Puzzled by the seller's urgency, she told the seller that she could pass them to her mother-in-law the following morning.

As if giving beauty items away for free wasn't enough of a goodwill gesture, the seller offered to bring the items right to her doorstep at 10am the next day.

Bad nightmares

But that's just the start of it all.

After receiving the items, Nadie experienced bad nightmares where she felt someone or something following her.

For no other explainable reason, she also began to fall ill and had a fever.


Close to 1am that night, her mother-in-law sent the following message:

"Can you return all of these items back to the seller?"

Perturbed, she asked why.

According to her mother-in-law, she too felt the presence of something following and watching her alone in the house.

While Nadie's mother-in-law was watching the television alone, she also heard noises coming from the room where the free items were placed.

These incidents, she said, happened repeatedly even though no one else was in the house.

Mannequin head and wigs

Up to this point, Nadie has not seen or touch the items that were given to her.

Turns out, the gift comprised a couple of creepy-looking mannequin heads.

Photo from Nadie Othman's Facebook page

Photo from Nadie Othman's Facebook page

The mannequin heads also came with this vintage-looking wig that is allegedly from Indonesia:

Photo from Nadie Othman's Facebook page

Nadie has since disposed of the free items.

If there's anything to learn from her experience, it's that if something is too good to be true, it probably isn't.

You can read her full post here:

Top image from Nadie Othman's Facebook page