Li Nanxing’s first drama in China to be released in February 2020

Vicky Zhao, who acted as "Xiaoyanzi" in My Fair Princess, is producing the webdrama.

Julia Yeo | January 20, 10:24 am


Local veteran actor Li Nanxing’s debut drama in China is set to release next month, in mid-February 2020.

Approached by Zhao to take on acting role

The drama, entitled Everyone Wants to Meet You, is produced by veteran actress Vicki Zhao, who acted as Little Swallow (Xiaoyanzi) in My Fair Princess (1998).

According to Shin Min Daily News, the romance web-drama will be released on Chinese streaming platform iQiyi in mid-February.

Li will be playing as the father of the male lead, portrayed by Chinese actor Zhang Zhehan.

Zhao had approached Li to take on the supporting role, which he thought was a good role and accepted the offer, Straits Times reported.

Close friends with Zhao

Zhao, who manages Li’s acting engagements in China, was a huge fan of the actor as a young girl, having watched him in Paint A Rainbow (1987).

They have been close friends for several years, after Zhao’s husband introduced Li to her at a dinner function more than 10 years ago, according to ST.

Li Nanxing and Vicki Zhao
Photo via @lnxglobal_official/IG

As the executive producer of Li’s upcoming drama, Zhao had high praises for the actor during a group interview in September last year.

“Nanxing was such a charmer on set – so professional, so well-mannered. He’s a favourite among all our female staff,” said Zhao.

Top image via @lnxglobal_official/IG

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