Joanne Peh stays with kids in China during Wuhan virus outbreak, Qi Yuwu returning to S'pore

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Tanya Ong | January 29, 2020, 05:11 PM

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Singaporen actress Joanne Peh was in Guangzhou over the Chinese New Year period, and has yet to return to Singapore.

Joanne Peh in Guangzhou

In an Instagram post yesterday (Jan. 28), she shared that the Wuhan virus has caused "widespread fear".

In addition to people staying indoors and avoiding visiting, masks and antibacterial sprays are also sold out, she said.

Despite everything, she said that she is thankful that her family is together in spite of the circumstances.

Peh said that her husband, actor Qi Yuwu, will be flying back to Singapore today (Jan. 29), while she remains there with her children to "finish up some personal matters".

She did not elaborate on what these matters are, but said that it involves her kids.

"To all who are separated from your loved ones, it isn’t a great feeling but stay strong, be safe and keep the light shining in your heart," she added.

This is her post:

Qi Yuwu returning to Singapore

Earlier today, Qi also posted a photo of him wearing a mask while seated in a plane.

He said that he has mixed feelings about returning to Singapore due to worries about work, family and the two-week quarantine.

"When you feel helpless, remember that your loved ones are waiting for you," he said.

This is his post:

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A post shared by Qi (@qiyuwu) on

"Day 5 of CNY, and I haven't sent a proper greeting post. This year is memorable because the Wuhan virus is spreading. I have mixed feelings sitting on a plane bound for Singapore. Family, work, and the impending two-week isolation period. All the happenings in the outside world make you feel helpless. But when you think about all this, remember that the people you love are waiting for you. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy in the year of the rat!"


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Top photo via Joanne Peh & Qi Yuwu's Instagram.