Stateless man, 72, among 5 suspects arrested for trafficking S$100k worth of drugs in CNB operation

More than 1.3kg of heroin was seized.

Andrew Koay| January 15, 07:00 PM

On January 14, officers from the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) arrested five individuals, seizing more than 1.3kg of heroin in the process.

The operation started early in the morning, with the arrest of a 72-year-old stateless man suspected of being a drug trafficker.

He was arrested near the junction of Bendemeer Road and Geylang Bahru Road, with CNB finding 845g of heroin, 13g of ‘Ice’ as well as cash amounting to S$5,350 in his possession.

Bundles containing some of the heroin seized from the 72-year-old male. Image from Central Narcotics Bureau.

That arrest was followed by the arrest of two other suspects in the vicinity of Geylang Bahru Road — a 26-year-old male and a 24-year-old female.

Both were Malaysians, and CNB officers found drugs including about 422g of heroin, in a backpack belonging to the 26-year-old suspect.

Heroin found hidden within the backpack of the 26-year-old male suspect. Image from Central Narcotics Bureau

The 26-year-old was observed to have met the 72-year-old earlier, near a bus stop along Bendeemer Road.

On the same day, a follow-up investigation saw the simultaneous arrest of a 64-year-old male Singaporean and a 55-year-old female foreign national.

The 64-year-old Singaporean was arrested at the void deck of a residential block in the vicinity of Jurong East Street 21.

He is suspected of being linked to the 26-year-old man and CNB officers recovered S$2,200 cash in the process of the arrest.

The 55-year-old foreign national was arrested at what CNB has described as a "hideout" in the vicinity of Prome Road.

The hideout belonged to the 72-year-old stateless man.

A search of the bedroom in the hideout saw the recovery of ten plastic sachets containing about 88g of heroin, and various drug paraphernalia.

Heroin seized during CNB’s operation on 14 January 2020. Image from Central Narcotics Bureau.

The estimated worth of the drugs seized in this operation is about S$100,000.

If you're keeping count here's a list of who got arrested:

  • 72-year-old stateless man with 845g of heroin, 13g of ‘Ice’ as well as cash amounting to S$5,350 in his possession
  • 26-year-old Malaysian male with 422g of heroin
  • 24-year-old Malaysian female
  • 64-year-old Singaporean male with S$2,200 in his possession
  • 55-year-old foreign national who was in the stateless man's hideout where police found 88g of heroin.

According to CNB, the 1.3kg of heroin seized is sufficient to feed the addiction of about 645 abusers in a week.

Investigations into the drug activities of the five arrested persons are ongoing.

Top image from Central Narcotics Bureau