Helper in S'pore looks after boy with autism for 10 years, promises to continue when parents are gone

She says she will always 'take care of him'.

Tanya Ong| January 22, 04:19 PM

Every now and then, the internet will throw up a gem of a story that is sure to warm the cockles of our heart.

And this is one such story.

Helper & son are BFFs

On Jan. 21, one parent, Ivan Lim, took to Facebook to share the story of his helper and his son, who has autism.

Their family's helper, Rizza, has been with the family since their son was four years old.

Over the 10 years that she has taken care of Alex, Lim shared that Rizza and Alex have become best friends.

Lim shared several photos showing their relationship over the years:

Ivan Lim/FB

Ivan Lim/FB

Ivan Lim/FB

Ivan Lim/FB

Ivan Lim/FB

There is a stark difference in their build.

Alex, who is currently 14, is 1.78m, while Rizza is significantly smaller — but the pair are seemingly inseparable.

Helper says she will take care of him

Saying that he is still "very much a child" in many ways, Lim expressed his worries of what would become of Alex when he and his wife are gone.

During a dinner, he had asked Rizza ("half in jest", he added) if she would consider adopting him when they are gone.

Rizza apparently told them, "Don't worry sir, I will take care of him."

This is Lim's Facebook post:

Top photo via Ivan Lim/FB