S'porean-M'sian couple's interracial wedding with Chinese & Indian customs wows internet

The couple decided to hold two wedding ceremonies to honour traditions from both sides.

Julia Yeo | January 01, 2020, 04:22 AM

Pathma Gurusamy, 27, and Ng Boon Jun, 29 got married in November 2019.

The newlyweds had met each other in veterinary school in Massey University, New Zealand.

Wedding story went viral on Facebook

Pathma, a Malaysian of Indian descent, shared about her recent marriage in the millions-strong Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits on Dec. 31, 2019.

Her post went viral garnering over 33,000 reactions and almost two thousand comments from the more than 1.6 million members.

Post via Pathma Gurusamy/FB

Pathma and her husband, Ng, a Singaporean of Chinese descent, held their wedding in Malaysia, which was observed over two days.

Mothership reached out to Pathma, who shared that they held their Hindu wedding ceremony at a temple in Kuala Lumpur on Nov. 22.

Hindu wedding ceremony. Photo via Pathma Gurusamy

Hindu wedding ceremony. Photo via Pathma Gurusamy

The traditional Chinese wedding and reception was held on the next day, Nov. 23, where both sides of the couple's families observed the morning gatecrash and tea ceremony.

According to Pathma, her cheongsam (Chinese ethnic dress) had been sewn from a sari (Indian garment for females).

Chinese wedding ceremony. Photo via Pathma Gurusamy

Of course, they were well-blessed with red packets from their relatives.

Chinese wedding ceremony. Photo via Pathma Gurusamy

During their wedding reception, Pathma donned a cheongsam, as well as a green traditional Indian dress, while Ng wore matching colours.

Photo via Pathma Gurusamy

Photo via Pathma Gurusamy

Didn't plan on holding a wedding at first

Initially, the couple didn't want to hold a wedding at all, Pathma shared with Mothership.

While they had planned to simply register their marriage and move in together, they respected their parents' wish to have them hold a wedding.

To honour traditions from both sides, the couple decided to hold two wedding ceremonies, while keeping them as modest and intimate as they could.

Despite the small wedding, they still had a high production value video made for their wedding:


Their wedding video included snippets of their Chinese wedding ceremony and reception, including Pathma's parents and relatives, who participated actively in the Chinese wedding as well.

Photo via Amore Productions

Pathma's relatives also joined in the tea ceremony, giving the newlyweds their blessings with red packets.

Photo via Amore Productions

Photo via Amore Productions


Top image via Pathma Gurusamy/FB