Cecilia Cheung retaliates after stranger tries to snap photo of her youngest son at Disneyland

Quite the protective mama.

Joshua Lee | January 03, 2020, 05:52 PM

Cecilia Cheung is usually quite the cool cat.

However, a recent incident made the Hong Kong singer-actress lose her chill.

Cheung and sons at amusement park

On Jan. 1, Cheung took her three sons -- Lucas, 12, Quintus, 7, and Marcus, 1 -- to an amusement park.

While she uploaded photos and videos of her sons, Cheung was careful not to reveal Marcus' face.




Cheung also posted this video, wishing her children happiness in the new year:


In the above video, Cheung says:

"Today we're at Disneyland, hope all children remember that they were very happy in Disneyland on Jan. 1st, 2020, and hope they will always remember it. That's my wish, and I hope everyone will be happy as well!"

Passer-by tried to sneak a photo of Marcus

On the same day, though, the group of four met a passer-by who recognised the celebrity and attempted to take a photo of Marcus.

Cheung then took a photo of the man and uploaded it as an Instagram Story. She covered his face with a sticker and added the words:

"Hey mister, please don't secretly take photos of little children and respect other people's privacy."

Truly a protective mother indeed.

After the birth of Marcus, there were rumours that he is the child of a wealthy Singaporean businessman.

More recently, Cheung's oldest son, Lucas (whom she had with Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse), said that his father does not deserve to be with Cheung.

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