Broken-hearted cat in Indonesia refuses to eat or drink after owner passes away

The feline only got better after visiting the owner's grave.

Mandy How| Fasiha Nazren| January 04, 11:22 AM

A pet cat in Indonesia was so loyal to its owner that it refused to eat or drink when he passed away.

Loyal cat

The story of Rambo the pet cat has been shared over 25,000 times on Facebook.

It was written by one Fadhil Raihan, who claims to be the deceased's son.

Photo from Fadhil Raihan's Facebook page

According to Fadhil, Rambo had a special bond with its owner, and would always be "glued" to him even as he sleeps.

Fell sick after owner passed away

On the same day that the elderly man passed away, the cat suddenly fell sick and lost its appetite.

However, on the first night of prayers, it seemed healthy enough and accompanied them for the next six nights.

Fadhil's family and neighbours had a week-long nightly prayer for his late father.

He wrote:

"It would sit quietly with our neighbours who were reciting the prayers, as if it was participating as well."

Sadly, Rambo's condition worsened afterwards, and it was taken to the vet several times for dehydration and declining health in general.

The cat was even hospitalised for a few days.

After the ordeal, Rambo was allowed to return home but appeared to be less active, and mostly slept and sat in front of the television.

"Its gaze remained empty even though we have been taking care of it and feeding him with food high in vitamins."

Not physically ill

Turns out, the pain that Rambo went through hasn't been physical.

According to the vet, cats can also experience loss and feel sad.

Fadhil wrote:

"We brought it to the vet again and they confirmed that it is physically healthy and its vitals are normal. He just wasn't as sprightful as before."

Subsequently, the family decided to bring Rambo along to visit its owner's grave.

The feline reportedly sat down quietly and took in its surroundings.

It then approached solemnly towards the tombstone and sat down in front of the tombstone while they recited some prayers.

Fadhil wrote:

"We could only witness Rambo having his moment (with my father) before going home."

When the family went home after, Rambo reportedly regained its appetite and even recovered from the bout of dehydration faster than expected.

Well-loved cat

As Rambo has gained popularity worldwide, Fadhil created an Instagram account for his cat, @rambotheloyalcat.

So far, he has used the account to show a photo of Rambo as a kitten:

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Ini fotoku waktu kecil 😸

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And uses the platform to show whatever Rambo is doing.

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Selamat Tahun Baru, Rambo jalan-jalan dulu ya 😸

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And even though Rambo has recently lost a loved one, it is safe to say that Rambo will remain well-loved for the rest of his nine lives.

Top image via Fadhil Raihan on Facebook