Woman finds dead bee in nearly finished packet of fries from Ang Mo Kio Park McDonald's

Not a very happy meal.

Ashley Tan | January 08, 2020, 07:41 PM

The only thing worse than getting less than the desired amount of McDonald's french fries in your packet, is finding an insect inside.

When you're about done eating.

This was precisely what happened to one woman in Singapore recently who got more than she paid for in her McDonald's meal.

French-fried bee

In a Facebook post, one Ja-ne Yeo shared her rather disturbing find.

Yeo had purchased some nuggets and fries from the McDonald's outlet at Ang Mo Kio Park.

She told Mothership it was only upon finishing nearly the whole packet of fries did she realise there was a large, dead bee at the bottom of the packet.

Yeo was sufficiently traumatised online, as her Facebook caption urged everyone at the same McDonald's outlet to stop eating their fries.

Here are her photos of the insect.

Photo from Ja-ne Yeo / FB

Photo from Ja-ne Yeo / FB

As Yeo had ordered take-out and had already left the outlet, she then called McDonald's to inform them about the incident.

She said that staff apparently personally went to retrieve the bug and the rest of her order, and also offered to compensate her with a replacement meal.

You can view her post here.

McDonald's responds

In a separate post to McDonald's Singapore Facebook page, Yeo shared the images of the bug and appealed for the fast food chain to "please change the oil NOW".

McDonald's told Mothership that they have been in contact with the customer to address her concerns, and that they are "looking into this matter very closely".

The fast food chain added that an external pest control agency was engaged to conduct a "thorough inspection" at the restaurant.

They also said that maintaining high food safety standards was an important priority.

"Again, we would like to assure our customers that we take all feedback relating to food safety and quality very seriously, and will continue to ensure that our restaurants maintain high levels of hygiene," McDonald's said.

Better than a cockroach or a rat

Some people in the comments section of Yeo's post acknowledged that incidents such as these was beyond McDonald's control, and that the blame might not lie with them.

Yeo agreed, saying she was lucky it was a bee and not a cockroach or rat.

She added that even if the bee was removed before ending up in her packet of fries, she would have no complaints as ignorance was bliss.

And it seems Yeo might have recovered from the shock of finding a dead insect in her food well enough.

Top photo from Ja-ne Yeo / FB