The UK 2019 election results map looks like Maggie Simpson

That's a lot of blue.

Sulaiman Daud | December 13, 2019, 06:16 PM

The results of the UK general election are (almost) all in and the Conservatives, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, have won a massive landslide victory.

As of 5:30pm (Singapore time), the Conservatives have won 364 out of 649 seats in the House of Commons, with one contest still undeclared, according to The Guardian.

The Labour Party, their closest challenger led by Jeremy Corbyn, trailed with just 203 seats.

The Scottish National Party performed well in Scotland, taking 48 of the 59 seats available.

Johnson will get Brexit done

Johnson secured the biggest electoral victory for the Conservatives since Margaret Thatcher in 1987.

At his acceptance speech, Johnson said that he was "humbled" by the support shown to his party and that he would get Brexit done by Jan. 31, 2020, according to the Evening Standard.

Brits on Twitter also drew attention to the electoral map, which showed seats won by the parties in their traditional colours -- red for Labour, blue for the Conservatives, yellow for the Scottish National Party, and orange for the Liberal Democrats.

Given the seats won by the parties, it resulted in a map that looked like this:

Screen shot from the BBC.

And if you're thinking that it resembles Maggie Simpson from The Simpsons, you're not alone.

The same comparison was made after the general election of 2015:

Yeah, yeah, The Simpsons called it again.

Top image from BBC and alexmclaughlin on Twitter.