Woman in Thailand catches Peeping Tom on video staring under toilet cubicle door

Be careful.

Belmont Lay| December 08, 06:15 AM

A woman in Thailand managed to catch a Peeping Tom in action on video peering under the toilet cubicle door.

The insane footage of the pervert caught red-handed in the act was posted on Facebook on Dec. 4, where the woman shared her traumatic experience to warn other women.

The video has been watched 273,000 times.

Her video and experience was reported by Thai language media Khaosod, which wrote that the woman was left shaken after she encountered the Peeping Tom while using a public toilet.

The incident apparently took place at a petrol kiosk station toilet.

Why she recorded video

Her serendipitous recording of the pervert on camera stemmed from her initial worry that the gap below the door was likely too large, and she wanted to use her camera to gauge just what could be seen from that angle.

It so happened that at that moment, the pervert was lurking just outside the cubicle and he ended up coming face to face with her camera.

The Peeping Tom could be seen immediately getting up to flee.

The woman then feared for her safety and had to get a male friend to come get her, just in case the pervert was still outside.

The Facebook post translated to English said:

“#Warning to all girls using public bathrooms. This is the good part as being someone who pays attention to every little detail and because I take pictures of everything. I normally will choose to use the squat toilet instead of the flush toilet because it’s more sanitary. At the moment I felt like the gap beneath the door was too large, I felt as if I was opening up directly to the gap. I took my phone out and started recording to see the angle from where the gap was. Then the man came in and what happened next was captured in the video.

I was shaking and the gas station was a quiet one. I didn’t want to go out just yet because he might be waiting for me as he saw that I took a video. I called a male friend to come to pick me up. I thought if I had come alone, he could rape me then kill me afterward. There was an employee cleaning the bathroom entrance, I don’t know how he came in unnoticed. How insane would you have to be in order to want to see someone using the toilet? Being a woman is so dangerous sometimes. The Police are now tracking down the person in the video.”