Taiwan woman, 22, arrested for crawling inside claw machine to steal 2 huge soft toys

She could fit the small opening.

Julia Yeo | December 08, 2019, 05:24 PM

A woman in Taipei was caught on CCTV footage in a hilariously desperate attempt to obtain two massive plushies locked inside a claw machine -- by crawling inside.

The 22-year old woman had successfully escaped with two huge plushies, but she was later caught and remanded at the police station.

The incident took place on Dec. 3.

Crawled into the claw machine

The petite lady had managed to make her way up the small opening in the claw machine, which was meant for toys to fall through.

It was designed to be not exactly spacious enough for an adult human, although she has clearly proven manufacturers wrong.

The master swiper got away with two huge toy: A Minnie Mouse and Angel from Lilo and Stitch.

Photo via SETN

CCTV footage in the Taipei store captured her successfully fitting her entire body inside the machine's opening, with just her feet sticking out.

Reaching an arm out, she clawed at the Angel plushie, hauling it out of the hole she was residing in.

Gif via SETN

But no way was the lady going to stop at one, now that she was already in it for the big haul.

Gif via SETN

After successfully landing two bounties, she made her way out of the claw machine and ran out of the store.

Caught by evening

She didn't have much luck, after all, as she was soon caught by the police by evening, according to SETN.

The shopkeeper quickly realised that two of the larger toys were missing, and checked the CCTV footage, which helped the police to identify the claw machine thief.

Photo via SETN

The shopkeeper was believed to have suffered TWD$3,000 (S$135) in losses, before the toys were retrieved.

Top image via SETN