S’pore parent writes ST forum letter saying December school holidays too long, children ‘very restless’

She added that parents have to plan many activities to occupy their time.

Tanya Ong | December 24, 2019, 06:30 PM

The school holidays can be a source of great joy for students as well as some parents.

In fact, many would hope that the holidays would last longer.

However, for one parent who wrote in to the Straits Times, she seems to take a slightly different view.

December holidays should be shorter: ST forum letter

The December holidays for primary school started on Nov. 16, 2019, while secondary school holidays started earlier on Oct. 26, 2019.

In her letter, Joy Lee said that she felt that we “do not need such long holidays in December”.

She explained that she has noticed her children and many of her friends’ children being “very restless”.

Parents also have to plan many holiday activities in order to occupy their time.

In addition, she said that this long break is a concern for children struggling with learning their mother tongue.

“After not reading and writing Chinese for more than six weeks, all that they have learnt will be forgotten after the holidays,” Lee said.

The solution?

Lee suggested that the Ministry of Education transfer two weeks of school holidays in December to the March and September holidays – meaning that there would be two weeks of school holidays in both months instead.

Responses from people in the comments section

In response to Lee’s letter, some were quite quick to disagree with her view.

Many pointed out that the long break was desirable because it allowed for parents to spend quality time with their kids:

Others also said that the long December holidays also served the function of giving teachers a good break:

And as some astutely highlighted, you really can’t please everyone:


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