This chair is designed to let you sit cross-legged at the office

A lot of other positions as well.

Nyi Nyi Thet| December 25, 12:12 PM

This is the Soul Seat.

It's basically like a normal stool, but has a perch and platform that allows you to sit cross-legged on it.

One of the fundamental ideas behind the concept is that you can sit on the Soul Seat as you would do on any other surface or floor.

The founder himself admits that it might take a while to adjust to this newfangled way of sitting, but in the long run, the chair apparently helps with posture.

This is apparently because it "tilts the pelvis forward, opens the hips, and lets the spine align to a comfortable, neutral posture".

One of the major target groups appear to be yogis, with the creator himself having studied yoga for years.

And cross-legged isn't the only style you can try.

Or just a slight variation of how you normally sit.

But that posture corrector doesn't come cheap.

One of the aforementioned stools is worth a cool US$575 (S$779). And it's sold out currently.

Image from Soul Seat