On-demand S'pore-Johor carpool app fully operational from Dec. 30, 2019

Both drivers and riders also get to reduce the costs of their commute.

Melanie Lim| December 27, 07:24 PM

Habitual travellers who head up north often, you can soon use an app to find on-demand carpools between Singapore and Johor Bahru.

The app, Samride, is an on-demand carpool app from the United States that claims to facilitate fast and low-cost commuting.

It will be fully operational in both Singapore and Johor from Dec. 30, 2019.

Targeted at drivers and riders who are commuting

According to a press release, almost 300 Singapore-Johor commuters have pre-registered in the app over the past two weeks.

Singapore-Johor commuters currently get most rides from drivers who are not commuters.

However, the Sameride app intends to focus on Singapore-Johor drivers and riders who are commuters themselves, featuring two daily ride offers and requests between home and work areas.

The app will match commuters by their commuting routes.

These are defined by home and work areas of possible pick-up and drop-off locations.

Image via Sameride

The app also offers a flexible and adjustable notification system that allows fine-tuning of notifications according to commute schedules.

Enhancing ride-communication among drivers and riders

According to the press release, the app aims to enhance ride communication among drivers and riders who commute on the same route.

For instance, commuters are able to offer or request rides from other commuters.

Users also have the flexibility to either be a driver or a rider, set their pick-up times and locations, and even create ride offers or requests a few hours or days before their commute.

Image via Sameride

Image via Sameride

No long-term commitments of established carpools are needed.

Faster rides, traffic and commute costs reduced

While riders potentially benefit from getting fast rides between their homes and offices, both drivers and riders get to reduce the costs of their commute.

Sameride estimates that app users who commute between Johor and Singapore will be able to reduce the costs of their commute by up to 50 per cent, as compared to taxi services.

In the long run, the app also aims to reduce traffic on causeways between Johor and Singapore.

For more information about the app, click here.

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