S'porean pet owner allegedly receives 'flour-like substance' that do not resemble ashes after cremating dog

The cremation company has allegedly gone through several name changes.

Jason Fan | December 01, 2019, 04:44 PM

A pet's death is always hard for a pet owner to accept.

However, for one particular dog owner, his experience was made worse after he gave his dog's remains to be cremated at Pets Cremation Center.

He discovered that the cremated remains of his precious dog looked suspiciously like a flour-like substance, rather than a dog's crushed ashes.

The owner, known as Ranger Redhusky, then shared his findings to Facebook on Nov. 30, where it has gathered over 200 shares.

Other dog owners suspicious

Ranger described the ashes he received as a packet of white substance that was uniform in texture and in colour.

According to him, it resembled flour, rather than cremated remains.

Other dog owners appear to agree.

Image from Singapore Siberian Huskies Club's Facebook page.

Photo via Dog [email protected]'s Facebook page. 

When the dog owner called the company to enquire about the questionable cremated remains, the company's representatives allegedly yelled and screamed at him, claiming that the ashes were "crushed into powder."

However, many dog owners stated that the ashes do not look quite right, claiming that proper cremated remains should have irregularity in texture and colour.

Image from Singapore Siberian Huskies Club's Facebook page.

Another dog owner also posted a photo of what crushed cremated remains should look like.

Image from Singapore Siberian Huskies Club's Facebook page.

According to Cremation Institute, an online resource on cremation issues, cremated remains consist of organic matter such as ash and bone, and is usually either grey or white in colour.

Image from Cremation Institute.

Although the pet owner has lodged a police report, he was advised from the police to get a lab test for the flour-like substance.

However, Ranger says that he is hesitant to do the test, as it would cost several hundred dollars.

Additionally, another pet owner who previously lodged a similar complaint reportedly told Ranger that police investigations were dropped, and he was advised to file a class action lawsuit instead.

Numerous complaints in the past?

The cremation company, currently known as Pets Cremation Center, has allegedly gone through several name changes in the past, and used to be known as Express Pet Cremation (EPC) and Singapore Pet Obituaries.

In 2017, The Straits Times reported on a number of complaints that were directed at EPC, which used to operate at Pasir Ris Farmway 2.

Coincidentally, it is the same location that Pets Cremation Center is currently operating at, according to its website.

At least two police reports were made against the company then, with complainants claiming that they received substances that resemble sand and cement after the cremation of their pets.

EPC's owner, Patrick Lim, denied all the allegations.

However, various dog owners have voiced out their own experiences with the company, warning others from using their cremation services.

Image from Singapore Siberian Huskies Club's Facebook page.

Image from Singapore Siberian Huskies Club's Facebook page.

Image from Singapore Siberian Huskies Club's Facebook page.

Image from Singapore Siberian Huskies Club's Facebook page.

The company in question has received many complaints over the past few years, but is still currently open for business.

Despite the numerous name changes, the company's cremation service appears to be held at Pasir Ris Farmway 2, while its pet columbarium is located in Blk 3019, Ubi Road 1.

Mothership has reached out to Pets Cremation Centre and will update this article when they reply.

Top image from Ranger Redhusky's Facebook page.