11-year-old athlete wears 'Nike' shoes made of bandages, wins multiple gold medals

Imagine what she could do with real shoes.

Julia Yeo | December 12, 2019, 10:40 PM

A young girl from the Philippines wore only bandages around her feet when she competed at the Iloilo Schools Sports Council Meet.

But that didn't stop her from winning multiple races at the event.

"Nike" scribbled on bandages wrapped around feet

The 11-year-old girl, Rhea Bullos, from Balasan, Iloilo, sported an unusual pair of kicks at the sports meet.

Brown plaster bandages were wrapped around her feet, with Nike's swoosh logo and "Nike" scribbled on the sides of her "shoes".

The bandages were wrapped tightly to her feet, covering her toes as well.

However, her makeshift shoes didn't stop her from winning other athletes who wore proper, covered shoes to the meet.

Ballos won three races in total, the 400m dash, and the 800m and 1,500m runs.

Head coach of pro basketball team reached out to Ballos

After Ballos's story went viral in the Philippines, the news reached Jeff Cariaso, the head coach of Alaska Aces, a pro basketball team in the Philippines, and the CEO of Titan 22, a basketball specialty store.

Cariaso took to Twitter to get in touch with Ballos, and successfully met her eventually.

Hope she has the real Nike kicks now.

Top image via Predirick B. Valenzuela/FB