Man in China turns himself into chair to let pregnant wife sit on while waiting at hospital

Better than a wife beater.

Kayla Wong | December 06, 2019, 12:28 PM

A man in China turned into a chair for his pregnant wife to sit on while waiting for her turn at the hospital.

Sat on husband's back after seats nearby were taken

In a video of the act that was uploaded onto social media, the man could first be seen holding on to his wife and helping her stand while she bent over slightly.

Screenshot via Beijing Media Network

He then squatted down on the floor to let his wife sit on his back.

Screenshot via Beijing Media Network

After sitting down on the human-chair, the pregnant woman could be seen pounding on her thighs, and putting her hand on her back.

She also drank water from a bottle that her husband passed her.

Screenshot via Beijing Media Network

Touched by husband's act of kindness

Many Chinese commenters were touched by the husband's act of chivalry.

Screenshot via Toutiao News/Weibo

"This is what true love looks like. Wife beaters should die."

Why didn't anyone give up their seats for the woman instead?

But others questioned why the people sitting on the bench directly opposite the door did not give their seats up for the pregnant woman.

Screenshot via Toutiao News/Weibo

"I don't wish to 'moral kidnap' anyone, but I sincerely suggest others to give up their seats for such (pregnant) women."

Screenshot via Toutiao News/Weibo

"Are those sitting down blind or just playing dumb?"

Screenshot via Toutiao News/Weibo

"If this happened to me while I was sitting down, I'd feel bad."

Woman should just sit elsewhere

Several commenters, however, felt that the other patients should not have to give up their seats for the pregnant woman as they were most likely feeling unwell themselves too.

They also pointed out the row of empty benches in the background a short distance away from the door, and wondered why the pregnant woman did not sit there instead.

Screenshot via Toutiao News/Weibo

"Isn't there a row of empty seats shown in the video? Why can't the wife sit there while her husband queue up?"

Screenshot via Toutiao News/Weibo

"It's better to bring a small folding stool when you go out so you don't trouble others. Makes things convenient for yourself too. Don't blame others for not giving up their seats. Which person is feeling well when they visit the hospital?"

Screenshot via Toutiao News/Weibo

"Can y'all stop pointing your fingers at the rest of the patients? Who feels good at the hospital? There are so many empty benches just a few metres away. The husband could very well let his wife sit there while queuing himself. But still, I'd like to affirm the love he has for his wife."

But some others pointed out that there must be a reason why the woman chose not to sit there, but to wait right outside the door instead.

Screenshot via Toutiao News/Weibo

"That's because y'all never had to take a queue number for a prenatal checkup. Her turn should be almost up. If she sits too far away, she might miss her number and be forced to wait for a long time afterwards. Some prenatal checkups need a long time. She might not want to go too far away from the door for convenience's sake. But since she was already sitting on her husband, shouldn't the guys give up their seats? Although they don't have to do so, isn't it embarrassing (for them)?"

You can watch the video here:

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Top image adapted via Beijing Media Network