Kimberly Wang gets pranked by actor who keeps hitting on boyfriend Shane Pow during their date


Tanya Ong| December 14, 12:00 PM

Radio presenter Kimberly Wang and actor Shane Pow have been dating for some time now.

And in a recent Toggle series Prank it!, featuring different personalities getting pranked in each episode, the couple's relationship was put to the test by a planted actor tasked with hitting on Pow in Wang's presence.

The plan was simple: Wang and Pow would be on a date in a restaurant, and the planted actor would have to complete 10 different tasks, such as asking for his number and asking him out on a date.

Told Pow: "If you're not married, then you're still single"

The episode, which aired on Dec. 6, shows the actor bumping into the couple at the restaurant.

The actor, who is pretending to be Pow's longtime friend, pulls up a chair at their table and starts chatting with him while (mostly) ignoring Wang.

Screenshot via Toggle.

She asks Pow if he's single.

Pow plays along, saying he's "single", only for Wang to explode: "Single?! Can...."

Screenshot via Toggle.

Pow then hastily introduces Wang as his girlfriend.

Screenshot via Toggle.

Next, the actor asks if they are married. She adds that if they're unmarried then he's still single.

She also asks Pow if she has a chance with him, and Wang responds with: "Have, have, take, take... Free one."

Screenshot via Toggle.

Asks for his number & a future date

The actor also asks him for his number, saying that she has lost it.

She also persistently tries to ask him out on a date, despite him being overseas on the initial date she proposed.

Before leaving, she asks him to text her and blows him a flying kiss.

Naturally, Wang did not appear to be pleased at all.

Screenshot via Toggle.

Screenshot via Toggle.

The text reads "anger" and "displeasure".

Thankfully for Pow, it was eventually revealed to be a prank, though.

Speaking to Mothership, Wang said, tongue-in-cheek: "My chicken wings arrived, nothing else matters really."

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You can watch the full video here.

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