Hong Kong & mainland China gamers clash in GTA V in online recreation of protests

The new frontier in the clash of ideals.

Sulaiman Daud | December 25, 2019, 01:20 PM

Video games have served as a unique platform for political expression.

In the case of the Hong Kong protests alone, both supporters and detractors of the protesters have found video games a useful platform to express their political leanings.

But what happens if both groups find themselves playing the same game?

Dress up like a protester

Abacus reported on Dec. 24 that Grand Theft Auto V, which has an online multiplayer mode, recently expanded its clothing options for player avatars with the Diamond Casino Heist update.

These included options for black t-shirts, hardhats and gas masks -- which coincidentally makes your player character resemble a Hong Kong protester.

Players on the online forum LIHKG are encouraging each other to get the outfit and join a "crew" named "Stand With Hong Kong."

Within the game, these players trashed subway stations and attacked police vehicles.


Opposite reaction

However, Abacus reports that gamers on the other side of the political divide have reacted too.

Some hailing from mainland China have dressed up their characters in riot gear that resembles policemen and security forces.

This naturally resulted in an epic clash that according to a thread on LIHKG, involved heavy-duty weapons being used.

Apparently, the Hong Kong players were eventually overwhelmed due to being outnumbered by the mainland players.

According to discussions on sites like Weibo, the clashes between gamers don't appear to be going away anytime soon.

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Top image from BravoRyan3 and Medcom_id on Twitter.