S'porean in Zurich super excited to see jackfruit, sees S$250 price tag, no longer excited

Big wow.

Tanya Ong | December 30, 2019, 06:04 PM

"Exotic" fruits, such as durians or jackfruits, may be common to Singaporeans but they are quite a rare sight in Western countries.

One Tan ML, a Singaporean living in Zurich, Switzerland, told Mothership that she was excited to see a jackfruit in the supermarket over the weekend.

Jackfruits are grown in tropical regions. And yet, it managed to find its way into a Zurich supermarket called Globus:

jackfruit Photo from Image from Tan ML

Here's the supermarket in Zurich:

Image from Google/Tino Zh

Image from Alex Hale/ Google Maps

Ecstatic, Tan said she thought that she could treat her Singaporean friends to the fruit during a mahjong gathering that was scheduled to take place on Sunday (Dec. 29).

However, a closer look at the price tag revealed that the jackfruit cost a whopping 182 Swiss francs (S$252).

Photo from Tan ML

Unsurprisingly, this price prompted her to change her mind.

In a message to Mothership, she added, "Eat already better not pang sai (Hokkien for 'poop')!!"

The jackfruit weighed 9.1kg, and cost 20 Swiss francs per kg.

In Singapore, a packet of peeled jackfruit could cost around S$5.50.

Tan, who has been living in Zurich for 11 years, told Mothership that Asian fare is not commonly found in Zurich.

When it comes to fruits, she does see the occasional lychees, mangoes and longans in Chinese supermarkets. They are, however, extremely "expensive" when compared to Singapore prices.

Other expensive fruits:

Top photo courtesy of Tan ML.