China shoppers fooled by Cherlss & Keich store that looks surprisingly similar to S'pore brand

Charles & Keith is apparently quite popular in China.

Tanya Ong | Julia Yeo | December 27, 2019, 01:45 PM

You've probably heard of local fashion brand Charles & Keith.

And apparently, it is quite popular in China.

Charles & Keith

Charles & Keith Group, which was locally founded and named after two brothers in 1996, owns more than 600 stores worldwide, including their shoe brand Pedro.

Photo of Charles & Keith store Photo via Shopee

The brand has gained a large following overseas, including China, gaining the nickname "little CK", in reference to Calvin Klein which was nicknamed "big CK".

They currently have over 90 stores in mainland China.

Cherlss & Keich?

Following Charles & Keith's success, another fashion chain in China has popped up with a rather similar name.

Here's the storefront of Cherlss & Keich:

Photo of Cherlss & Keich store in China Photo via Weibo user

The brand, which calls itself "modern, elegant, with personality", has found enough success to open a open a number of stores across China.

This includes outlets in Shanghai and Sichuan, according to Shanghaiist.

According to HK01, the brand, which is owned by a Chinese company called Guangzhou Yuantai Leather, was launched in China in 2019.

Here are some of their products shown on their website, which includes shoes, bags and accessories:

And this is what Charles & Keith's official website looks like:

And here's a closer look at their paper bag:

Weibo: 二狗是只大肥猫

Weibo users called Cherlss & Keich fake

Given the similarities of the products offered as well as the brand's name, Weibo users are calling this brand the "fake Charles & Keith".

Some even claimed that they had mistakenly purchased items from them, thinking that they had purchased items from Charles & Keith.

Weibo comment Photo via Weibo


"#Cherlss# I bought it, getting a refund now."

Weibo post Photo via Weibo


"While buying bags, be careful not to mix up Charles & Keith and Cherlss & Keich and buy the wrong thing."

Weibo user's comment on Cherlss & Keich Image via Weibo


Big CK: Calvin Klein

Little CK: Charles Keith

Fake CK: cherlss keich, Chanrs Keath, and other various iterations.......

Make sure you don't buy the wrong thing, there are many huge and fake CK stores, which are really well renovated!


Cherlss & Keith, are you taking advantage of the fact that I can't read English words?

Top image via Shoppee, Weibo user