ACRES urges public not to visit dolphinariums, hopes Resorts World Sentosa 'ends this cruelty'

Let the dolphins go.

Mandy How | December 09, 2019, 06:05 PM

On Dec. 1, 2019, footage of a confined dolphin banging its head against the aquarium wall was uploaded to Facebook page Empty the Tanks.

The dolphin allegedly belongs to S.E.A Aquarium under Resorts World Sentosa (RWS).

The video has sparked a fair amount of public outrage, with some speculating that the mammal was going insane due to its captivity.

Others championed for the dolphins' release.

In response, RWS said they are "uncertain" of the source of the video.

Self-mutilating behaviour from dolphin: ACRES

In response to queries by Mothership, Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) confirmed that the dolphin was suffering and exhibiting self-mutilating behaviour.

The organisation said that it was "heart-breaking" to watch the video, and hopes that RWS can end the cruelty by letting the dolphins go.

In fact, ACRES added, many progressive nations and facilities have ended the captivity of marine mammals for welfare reasons.

Captured from Solomon Islands

Back in 2011, ACRES had petitioned against the mammals' captivity with the World's Saddest Dolphins campaign.

Despite extensive support from the public, RWS still kept the poor dolphins for profits, ACRES said.

A total of 27 dolphins were captured in Solomon Islands in 2008 and 2009, and subsequently held at Langkawi and the Philippines while their prison was being built in Sentosa.

Three of these dolphins died from bacterial infections before reaching RWS.

In 2014, another dolphin died under the care of RWS.

Yet the remaining 23 were not let go.

According to The Straits Times, India, along with Costa Rica, Hungary and Chile, have banned dolphin shows.

ACRES urges members of the public not to visit any dolphinarium, including Resorts World Sentosa's.

Members of the public are also encouraged to voice their concerns to RWS.

You can read ACRES' statement in full here:

"It is heart-breaking to watch this video of the dolphin at RWS. ACRES had campaigned a few years ago and urged RWS not to bring in these wild-caught dolphins from the Solomon Islands, and display them for profits here in Singapore.

Despite support from many individuals in Singapore (, and from around the world for the campaign, RWS still brought the poor dolphins for profits. From the video, one does not need to wonder to ascertain that this dolphin suffered, exhibiting self-mutilating behaviour.

We sincerely hope that RWS ends this cruelty and let the dolphins go. Many progressive nations/facilities end keeping marine mammals in captivity for welfare reasons.

Meanwhile, we urge public not to visit any dolphinarium including Resorts World Sentosa's, and voice their concerns to the RWS. If public would like to watch dolphins, please consider watching them responsibly in the wild where they truly belong, or choose to support efforts that directly contribute to preserving our marine habitats."

Top image via Empty the Tanks, RWS' website