Yishun hair salon allegedly charged 'half-balding' elderly man S$4,799 for treatment package

It was treatment for his scalp.

Mandy How| November 21, 08:04 PM

An elderly man was allegedly frightened into buying a S$4,799 treatment package at a Yishun salon.

The customer's daughter, known as Fiona Han, subsequently wrote a Facebook post on Nov. 20 alerting other users of Nex Gen Studio in Chong Pang.

It has since gathered more than 700 shares.

Only wanted a S$3 haircut

According to Han, the incident happened a few days ago.

Her father had visited the salon for a S$3 haircut when the hairdresser reportedly noticed some scabs and redness on his scalp.

The hairdresser then did a scan, which revealed some "worms" on the elderly man's scalp.

Frightened by the sight, the customer was convinced to fork out S$4,799 for the treatment of follicle mites.

According to the receipt, the package consists of 12 sessions.

When the man broke the news to his family upon reaching home, Han said that they were "furious" at the salon.

They found it ridiculous that a neighbourhood salon would charge a "half-balding" elderly man S$4,799 for hair treatment:

"HELLO EXCUSE ME, this is a neighbourhood saloon and they actually charge a freaking $4799 hair package to an elderly who is half balding??!!! The treatment made of gold isit??!! We simply could not comprehend it!"

Confronting the hairdresser

The family then went down to the salon and confronted the hairdresser, even though the receipt had stated that the service was non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

However, after much back-and-forth, they managed to receive a refund of S$4,500.

The remainder of the sum was charged for the treatment already done.

After the incident, Han's father visited a dermatologist, who said that there were no worms on his scalp.

According to Han, the doctor was also puzzled by the scan done by the hairdresser, and reportedly said that it was impossible.

You can watch a video of the scan here:

[video width="640" height="352" mp4="https://static.mothership.sg/1/2019/11/Facebook-video-10215899335501100.mp4"][/video]

The elderly man was then treated with a corticosteroid (steroid hormones) jab, and bought some steroid cream and moisturiser for home treatment.

Hans hopes that her post will raise awareness about "atrocious" scams, and advised others to look out for their parents and grandparents.

You can read her post here:

Not the only instance

Unfortunately, a quick search of the salon's Facebook page reveals that this is not the only instance of hard-selling.

Commenters noted that the salon approached older customers.


A video of a confrontation that happened in the salon in 2018 can be viewed here:

Top image via Fiona Han on Facebook