Vietnamese boy, 10, survives by farming & foraging after father & grandmother pass away

He continues to attend school as well.

Mandy How | November 28, 2019, 05:41 PM

A 10-year-old Vietnamese boy known as Dang Van Khuyen has been surviving on farming and foraging after his father and grandmother passed away.

The tragedy was reported by China Press on Nov. 25, 2019.

Khuyen, who lost his mother at an even younger age, lived with his grandmother in a simple house while attending school.

Photo via Nghe An

Photo via China Press

In order to support the family, Khuyen's father had gone to the city to work when Khuyen was two, and regularly sent money home.

However, a different version of the story by Vietnamese media claims that Khuyen's grandmother left him to re-marry in 2018, and his father did not send any money back.

Sadly, his grandmother has died of old age.

Not long after, Khuyen received a call while he was at school, informing him that his father had died from a work accident.

Although other workers managed to send Khuyen's father to the hospital in a timely manner, he could not be saved.

Despite the tragedy, Khuyen continues to go to school, and uses farming as a means of survival.

He is currently exempted from paying school fees.

The same Vietnamese media adds that Khuyen is now supported by neighbours, who make sure that he has enough to eat.

While there was no mention of farming by the publication, they added that Khuyen would pick bamboo shoots for his meals.

Photo via Nghe An

Photo via China Press

Photo via China Press

Although the school and local agencies have tried looking for an adopter, Khuyen prefers to live alone.

With the help of his teachers, the orphan used about S$589 and travelled to Lạng Sơn city to retrieve his father's body.

Khuyen's form teacher helps out from time to time. Photo via China Press

With the help of the authorities, Khuyen laid his father's body to rest.

After his form teacher shared Khuyen's story online, plenty of people offered to help, and some even wanted to adopt him.

That teacher, however, shared that Khuyen reportedly said that he prefers to be independent and does not wish to be adopted.

Photo via Nghe An

You can watch a video feature of him by Lao Dong here (in Vietnamese):

Top image via China Press