Sonic the Hedgehog fans rejoicing after new trailer shows a better design

Less creepy, more cute.

Sulaiman Daud | November 13, 12:01 am


You may recall recoiling in horror while watching the first trailer for the upcoming Sonic: The Hedgehog movie.

Specifically, this Sonic:

Screen shot from Movieclips Trailers.

Creepy Sonic

The cries of horror from Sonic fans could be heard around the world.

Questions were asked, like, why did Sonic’s eyes look so off-putting?

What’s with the creepy hands?

And who thought it was a good idea to use Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise as the theme for the trailer?

The fan backlash was so intense, even by Internet standards, that the movie’s studio Paramount decided to delay the movie in order to “fix” Sonic’s appearance.

Fixing a problem

After months of work, the new trailer dropped on Nov. 12, and fans rejoiced.

Look at the all-improved Sonic:

Screen shot from Paramount’s YouTube.

He’s super cute!

And he looks much closer to how Sonic is depicted in the video games, particularly in the eyes, mouth and ears.

Fans took to Twitter to sound their appreciation:

Previously scheduled for a November release, Sonic will now be screened in theatres worldwide in February 2020.

Worth the wait? Maybe.

Worth teaching movie producers a lesson in satisfying audiences? Definitely.

You can see the full trailer below:

Top image from Paramount’s YouTube channel.

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