Christmas Village S’pore in Orchard has carnival rides, street food, nightly music acts till Dec. 26, 2019

Christmas fun for the whole family.

Melanie Lim | November 23, 01:29 pm


Orchard road is set to welcome Christmas with its annual light-up from now till Jan. 1, 2020.

First look at Orchard Road’s Christmas light-up from Nov. 16, 2019 to Jan. 1, 2020

And if that’s not enough for you to feel Christmassy, this year’s Christmas Village will pile on the festive vibes.

The Great Christmas Village 2019 will take place at three locations, *SCAPE Playspace, Shaw House Urban Plaza and Grange Road car park, from Nov. 23 – Dec. 26.

Each of the three venues has differing highlights, from nightly music acts and street food at *SCAPE to over 20 thrilling amusement rides at Grange Road car park.

The Great Christmas Village is organised by the Orchard Road Business Association, and sponsored by Hitachi Asia Ltd.

Here’s a first look at what visitors can expect at each venue:

*SCAPE playspace

At *SCAPE, there will be a total of four family-friendly amusement rides such as Swing, London Train and Grand Carousel:

Each ride costs five credits per person, with the exception of the Grand Carousel, which costs five credits per child and two credits per accompanying adult.

Do note that payment for all games and rides will be done in credits, where S$1 = one credit.


Image via Melanie Lim

London Train

Image via Melanie Lim

Grand Carousel

Image via Melanie Lim

Street food

There will also be street food from vendors such as thematic pop-up Nom Nom Nom, The Good Burger, The Ice Cream & Cookie Co and more:

Image via Melanie Lim

Nom Nom Nom

Image via Melanie Lim
Image via Melanie Lim

The Good Burger

Image via Melanie Lim
Image via Melanie Lim

The Ice Cream & Cookie Co

Image via Melanie Lim

Nightly music acts

Nightly music acts will also be performing from 7pm to 7:45pm (first set) and 8:15pm – 9pm (second set):

Image via Melanie Lim

The bands include TCP, The Souls, The Common People, Pam & Sky, Jumpstart, Jordon Wei Trio ft.Charlene, SISAY and Supersonic.

Grange Road car park

Grange Road car park is located just across the road from *SCAPE.

There will be a NERF Nation race track (10 credits per person), My Little Pony Christmas castle (five credits per person), a variety of game booths and plenty of attractive prizes to be won:

Image via Melanie Lim

NERF Nation Race Track

Image via Melanie Lim

My Little Pony Christmas Castle

Image via Melanie Lim

Game booths

Image via Melanie Lim
Image via Melanie Lim
Image via Melanie Lim
Image via Melanie Lim

Attractive prizes

There will also be plenty of attractive prizes to be won, from Disney to Marvel plushies and more:

Image via Melanie Lim
Image via Melanie Lim
Image via Melanie Lim

Shaw House Urban Plaza (Lido)

Visitors can expect family-friendly rides such as the Duplex Carousel, Snow Car and Clown Swing.

There will also be street food from thematic pop-up Nom Nom Nom.

Image via Orchard Road Business Association

To buy ride and game credits, click here.


Date: Nov. 23 – Dec. 26, 2019


  • 12pm – 10pm, Sun – Thurs
  • 12pm – 11pm, Fri – Sat
  • 12pm – 11pm, Dec. 20 – 26, 2019

There is also a Chasing Rooster (Dec 1 to Dec 7) treasure hunt, where there is a total of 49 cash prizes to be won across the 7-day period. All visitors of Orchard Road can participate in the hunt by visiting Sqkii’s Facebook.

Top image via Melanie Lim

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