Thai groom, 70, marries for the first time to woman, 20, in grand wedding

It's a love story.

Mandy How| November 19, 05:17 PM

A wedding in Thailand has received international attention due a almost-50-year age gap between the groom and the bride.

According to an ETtoday report on Nov. 19, the groom, who is almost 70, is the president of Thai coffee company Khao Shong.

The 20-year-old bride is unnamed.

Sinchew Daily adds that it is the groom's first marriage.

Photos of the wedding were reportedly first posted to Facebook by one Chettha Songthaveepol, who is apparently a good friend of the groom.

However, his post appears to be unavailable at time of writing.

Since then, the story has been picked up by various other Chinese, Malaysian, Taiwanese, and Thai news sites, as well as a Facebook page.

Here are some photos from the union:

Photo via ETtoday

Photo via ETtoday

Photo via ETtoday

Photo via ETtoday

Photo via Sinchew Daily

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Bride & Groom with almost 50 years age difference 😍 🎊🤵👰🎊 congratulations to super big bro and sis...

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ETtoday reports that the dowry was worth up to 20 million baht, which is about S$900,000.

The groom reportedly said that they had agreed on marriage a long time ago, and added: "No matter where I am on this Earth, when the day comes, I will return to marry my bride."

Top image via ETtoday


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