Thai couple wins S$270,000 lottery, husband promptly runs away with winning ticket

He eventually returned, though.

Tanya Ong | November 20, 2019, 04:05 PM

A Thai couple's relationship has been on a rollercoaster ride since they won the lottery.

Husband flees with ticket

23-year-old Pornthida Chamnanwet and 34-year-old husband Wijak Wannaprasit had purchased a lottery ticket that won the six million baht (S$270,450) first prize on Saturday (Nov. 16).

According to Bangkok Post, they recorded their win at Phra Pradaeng police station and agreed to divide the prize equally between them.

Photo via Chiang Rai Times.

A day later on Nov. 17, however, the husband reportedly told her that she was only going to get 2 million baht.

The wife said that her husband subsequently left with the ticket after they got into an argument.

Wife files report, husband returns

According to Thaiger, Pornthida subsequently filed a police report explaining that they had an argument over the winnings.

She also asked the police to prevent her husband from cashing in on the winnings, Chiang Rai Times reported.

Under Article 352, misappropriation of property is an offence. This means that it is illegal for a co-owner of a property to dishonestly convert such property to himself or herself.

The husband reportedly returned the next day, saying that he had left out of anger but did not intend to run away with the money.

It was reported that he had not cashed in the winnings at that time.

Top photo via Chiang Rai Times.


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