New fans installed at Jurong Lake Gardens & Clarke Quay can lower temperatures by 10°C

It also uses half the energy a conventional industrial-bladed fan does.

Ashley Tan| November 25, 11:59 AM

Singaporeans tired of the sweltering heat can now cool down at certain spots in Jurong Lake Gardens and Clarke Quay, thanks to the magic of technology.

Cooler outdoors

In a partnership between Temasek Foundation and U.S.-based electronics company Phononic, eight new fan systems have been installed in Singapore.

They were described as a "first-of-its-kind cooling project", according to a press release on Nov. 15.

The outdoor cooling platforms, named OACIS (Outdoor Active Cooling in Singapore), are bladeless fan systems utilising thermoelectric semi-conductor technology.

OACIS fans are able to create a cooled zone where temperatures are lowered by up to 10°C, and humidity can be decreased by up to 15 per cent.

Photo from Temasek Foundation

The new fan systems are currently installed at the children play areas at Jurong Lake Gardens, and the Octapas restaurant at Clarke Quay.

OACIS at Jurong Lake Gardens. Photo from Temasek Foundation

An OACIS unit at Clarke Quay. Photo from Phononic Inc / FB

Sustainable solution

Each unit is energy-efficient as it consumes half the energy of an industrial bladed fan. It is also more sustainable than conventional fan systems.

Leaked hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants from conventional air-conditioning units, which are greenhouse gases a thousand times more potent than carbon dioxide, contribute a great deal to global warming.

OACIS however, uses low pressure carbon dioxide and water as safe and non-toxic refrigerants.

More installations coming soon

Phononic revealed that they plan to increase installations and mass production of the OACIS fans in 2020.

In the future, OACIS might even be integrated into heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems of residential and commercial buildings, which would help to lower overall energy consumption.

Top photo from Temasek Foundation.