'The Coloniser' is the perfect female villain wrestler for S'pore Pro Wrestling

Who eats roti prata with a spoon?

Sulaiman Daud | November 21, 2019, 10:19 PM

In professional wrestling, to be a good "heel", or villain, you need a good character.

Usually the simple gimmicks work best -- like a stuck-up athlete who loves his looks, or a "psycho" who just wants to hurt others.

Going down to the ground

But one of Singapore Pro Wrestling's (SPW) homegrown talents has hit upon a unique character: The Coloniser, an arrogant foreigner who disdains everything local.

SPW is hosting a show on Nov. 23 at the Pavilion.

On Nov. 21, they shared a video on Facebook to promote one of their matches.

During the vignette, the Coloniser -- dressed in a gaudy red-and-gold outfit that Raffles himself would have been proud to wear -- has ventured out from her "bungalow in central Singapore".

To beat her Singaporean opponent, she has to think like a Singaporean, which means she takes a stab at eating in an "unclassy" food court.

Screen shot from SPW's Facebook page.

She orders her fawning manservant around and tries two local favourites, Milo and roti prata, while mispronouncing their names.

She then spits out the "rota prati" and promises to beat her opponent, Alexis Lee, with "good old British class", and that Lee will meet her "master".

Wrestling reflects real life

It's a video with a simple message -- the arrogant wrestler promising to humble her opponent.

But The Coloniser takes it up a notch by playing with the notions of race, class and privilege, issues that have been gripping recent headlines.

Pro wrestling is often used as a barometer for wider society.

During the Cold War, "evil Russians" faced off against patriotic Americans.

It's an exaggerated reflection of the times we live in, but one that has a grain of truth in it.

A local talent

Behind the scenes though, the dastardly Coloniser is none other than 28-year-old Naomi Clark-Shen, a "born and bred" Singaporean.

Speaking to Mothership, SPW co-founder and fellow pro-wrestler Andruew "The Statement" Tang shared that Clark-Shen has been a big wrestling fan since she was nine years old.

With a year of training with Tang under her belt, Clark-Shen's match with Lee will be her third.

By all accounts, this is a story of two local talents putting on a show for a Singaporean audience.

But with the magic of pro wrestling, it becomes another tale altogether, albeit a familiar one -- cheering on the local girl to beat the "evil" coloniser.

You can see the video below:

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Top image from SPW's Facebook page.