Bros in M'sia try to cheer up heartbroken friend by serenading him with love songs

Very sweet.

Tanya Ong| November 17, 09:01 PM

True friends will have your back no matter what.

And that's why a group of bros in Malaysia decided to try and cheer up their heartbroken friend.

A case of heartbreak

A Twitter thread by NikkiZamri shared how his friend recently had his heart broken.

The tweet said:

"I'm upset to see how broken my friend is, but I'm also glad that others are trying to cheer him up. You'll find the right partner soon. Time will heal."

In an attempt to help him feel better, some of his friends gathered in what is presumably his room, as one of them serenaded him with various songs in Malay and English.

The heartbroken friend can be seen lying in bed, looking like he was trying not to cry as his friend continues singing.

Occasionally, the person behind the camera can be heard joining in.

Twitter @NikkiZamri

Twitter @NikkiZamri

Twitter @NikkiZamri

They apparently sang songs by Siti Nurhaliza as well as "My heart will go on" by Celine Dion.

The first video in the thread has gone viral with over 884,000 views.

The second video, featuring his friend singing "My heart will go on", has over 150,000 views:


Top photo via Twitter NikkiZamri.