Famous KL seafood eatery selling S$5 seafood mee sua with lala, prawn at Sultan Plaza

It uses a special type of mee sua imported from Malaysia.

Joshua Lee| November 21, 08:35 PM

If you like cheap but delicious seafood noodles, you might want to check out Chang Xian at Sultan Plaza.

Chang Xian is a branch of a famous eatery in Kuala Lumpur by the same name.

The stall, which is located at the food court, sells Hai Huang Mee Sua (S$5) which is essentially braised seafood mee sua with a prawn and generous serving of juicy lala clams.

Image by Joshua Lee

The mee sua used here is different, though.

Instead of the thin, mushy noodle you might be expecting, Chang Xian uses a special type of mee sua procured from Malaysia.

Here, the mee sua is thick and chewy, like a cross between U Mian and thick bee hoon, and does a great job in absorbing the gravy.

Image by Joshua Lee.

Speaking of the gravy, it is made using flower crabs and lala clams, according to ieatishootipost. It is robust and full of umami.

Aside from seafood, the Hai Huang Mee Sua comes with a handful of freshly fried lard and fried egg.

Image by Joshua Lee

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Just had this fabulous seafood braised meesua at Sultan Plaza food court. It’s only 4 months old and is a branch of the famous KL eatery called Chang Xian. The mee sua is specially imported from Malaysia and has a very unique chewiness that is really enjoyable. The gravy which is made of flower crabs and la la is robust and sweet. It is a little like Hokkien Mee but different. 4.5/5 Only $5! One of the best discoveries this year! They also make an excellent XO seafood bee hoon $8.90. Again the bee hoon is specially imported from Malaysia. They call it crystal bee hoon and it’s texture is almost like konnyyaku. The soup is very good. They use genuine Hennessy XO and they put enough of it so you can really taste it! The third dish of salted egg seafood bee hoon is also worth trying especially if you like salted egg! Again robust flavours mix with wok hei and pork lard! If you are going for the XO, I think it would go really well with the mee sua. Chang Xian XO Seafood 100 Jalan Sultan Road 01-06/07 Sultan’s Kitchen Food court 9am to 9pm

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Another dish worth trying is the XO Seafood Bee Hoon Soup (S$8.90).

The broth is very robust and you can really taste the Hennessy.

The bee hoon used here is thin, but slightly chewier than your average bee hoon. It is accompanied by a prawn, lala clams, cuttlefish, and green vegetable.

Image by Joshua Lee.

Image by Joshua Lee.

When we were there, the stall owner also recommended the Salted Egg Seafood Bee Hoon (S$8.90).

This gravy, the owner said, is made using crumbled salted egg yolk.

Here's a photo of the dishes by Chang Xian:

Image by Joshua Lee.

Here's what the stall looks like. The food court, which is situated on the ground floor, can be accessed from the front of Sultan Plaza.

Image by Joshua Lee.

All in all, a good and cheap place for seafood noodles.

Chang Xian XO Seafood

Address: #01-06/07, Sultan's Kitchen Food Court, Sultan Plaza, 100 Jalan Sultan Road (map)

Opening hours: 9am - 9pm daily, (closed on Nov. 25, 2019)

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Image by Joshua Lee.

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