Red velvet-flavoured Oreos available at Cold Storage S’pore, costs S$1.95 for pack of 9

Going to twist, lick and dunk nowww.

Guan Zhen Tan | November 3, 09:25 pm


Oreo fans, here’s an awesome new flavour for you to try.

Red Velvet Oreos are available at several Cold Storage outlets in Singapore, including the outlet at Serangoon Nex.

Photo by Joshua Lee
Photo by Joshua Lee
Photo by Joshua Lee

On the packaging, these Oreos are said to be a festive limited-edition flavour.

Unlike normal Oreo cookies, the cream is cheesecake-flavoured, and the cookies are red.

Each box retails at S$1.95 and contains nine packs of three, which is the standard price for other flavours of Oreos as well.

As of the time of writing, this particular flavour is not available online, so you might have to physically visit a Cold Storage outlet to buy one.

Top image via Joshua Lee

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