Hong Kong police dispute teenager's gang-rape complaint following abortion

The police have asserted that no such incident occurred.

Matthias Ang| Kayla Wong| November 11, 05:15 PM

The Hong Kong police have disputed allegations by a teenager that she was gang-raped at Tsuen Wan Police Station, following her abortion at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong Free Press and The South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported.

In a statement to the Hong Kong media on Nov. 9, the police highlighted that the complaint had been filed on Oct. 22 by a lawyer on the girl's behalf, with the date of the gang-rape allegedly occurring on Sep. 27.

As per the police:

"The Complaints Against Police Office received a complaint on October 22 from a legal representative, saying that his client was raped in the Tsuen Wan Police Station on Sep. 27. Due to the seriousness of the allegation, the case has been referred to the New Territories South Regional Crime Unit."

What are the allegations?

According to Apple Daily and SCMP, the details of the teenager's purported rape, as provided by an unnamed source, were alleged to be as such:

  • The teenager had supposedly walked past Tsuen Wan police station on Sep. 27, whereupon she was purportedly seized by four police officers in riot gear,

    • At that time, she was supposedly neither dressed in black nor joining in the protests.

  • She was then taken inside and allegedly arrested,
  • After that she was supposedly raped by the four police officers.
  • She then allegedly started to display signs of depressions after the incident.
  • In mid-October, she discovered she was pregnant while visiting the hospital for an unrelated purpose.
  • Subsequently, she claimed to have had an abortion in November at Queen Elizabeth Hospital,

    • However, the dates of the abortion have been reported differently, with Apple Daily reporting the date as Nov. 7 and SCMP reporting the date as Nov. 8.
    • It was also rumoured that a police officer had entered the room where the teenager underwent the abortion.

Separately, the Facebook page HA Secrets, which shares anonymous posts related to Hong Kong's Hospital Authority, claimed that its administrators had verified that the account did indeed take place.

It also claimed that the teenager's age is 16 years old and alleged that foetal DNA has since been obtained to facilitate investigations into the identity of the perpetrator.


"After conducting many rounds of fact checking by the admins, they found that there was indeed a 16-year-old teenager who became pregnant after getting arrested and detained by the Tsuen Wan police.

She subsequently underwent an abortion.

Foetal DNA has already been obtained, and the identity of the perpetrator is being investigated at the moment.

The case is currently sub judice."

How did the police respond?

In response, a police insider told SCMP that the the account of the girl did not match the facts, as there was no evidence of either her arrest record or even her presence in the station.

As per the police source:

"CCTV footage does not show her presence around the police station nor entering the building. We also do not have her arrest record. Her descriptions of the police station and the setting of the room also fail to match reality."

The police also elaborated that thus far, the allegations levied by the teenager did not match with their own initial probe.

They added,"Up till now, the allegations of the complainant do not match investigation results, and police will continue to investigate the relevant claims."

Top photo by Dickson Lee/South China Morning Post via Getty Images