M'sian man, 50, dresses up as Spider-Man to earn extra money for sick & disabled wife

A true hero.

Syahindah Ishak| November 30, 02:10 PM

A Malaysian man wears a Spider-Man costume nearly everyday to generate some side income for his sick and disabled wife.

Becoming Spider-Man

Ahmad Shakirin Mohd Zain, 50, pushes his wheelchair-bound wife around George Town, Penang dressed in the superhero suit.

Most people would tip him after posing for a picture together, reported Harian Metro.

Shakirin also entertains young kids by doing small stunts and imitating Spider-Man's famous gestures.

The idea of transforming himself to Spider-Man came after he saw some of his old acquaintances earn income by turning into 'superheroes'.

He bought his Spider-Man costume online for RM180 (S$59).

Wife's right leg was amputated due to diabetes

Before he started donning the suit, Shakirin worked as a street artist.

His 37-year-old wife, Nur Aznita Mohd Ismail, used to be a cook at a famous restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

He told Harian Metro:

"My wife had a bad fall in the toilet once, causing her to have a stroke.

Besides that, she also has diabetes and her right leg had to be amputated."

Since his wife could not work anymore, the couple moved to George Town to start a new life and find a different way to earn a living.

They are currently living in a guest house and have to pay RM55 (S$18) per day for rent.

Thankfully, Shakirin said that the owner of the house is understanding and compassionate so he won't put much pressure on the couple.

They love children

Although his purpose is to get extra income, Shakirin said that both him and his wife loves children.

They don't have any kids despite trying for quite some time.

"We love kids even though we don't have any.

We get so excited when we get to meet and interact with them."

Shakirin said that when his wife's condition improves, she will continue cooking and selling food as that is her passion.

"We hope that the public will pray for our well-being."

Top images from Ahmad Shakirin/FB