Leong San See temple denies gay sex allegations made against abbot

The abbot in question is said to be currently recuperating from a stroke.

Joshua Lee| November 16, 04:53 PM

The Leong San See temple has refuted allegations that its abbot had sex with multiple men on temple grounds.

This allegation was made by an anonymous person who claimed to be a supporter of the Leong San See temple earlier.

On Nov. 14, a Facebook profile masquerading as the Leong San See temple put up a Facebook post alleging that the temple abbot, Venerable Tuan Boon, engaged the services of male prostitutes

The profile also alleged that this was a years-long addiction of the abbot. It also included a screenshot of footage depicting what appears to be the abbot and an unknown man. Both were naked.

Temple caretaker says abbot is recuperating from stroke

When The Straits Times (ST) visited the temple, a caretaker denied the allegations and revealed that abbot is currently recuperating from a stroke.

ST added that the abbot, who suffers from diabetes and heart disease, was admitted to Farrer Park Hospital earlier in the week and he is currently hospitalised after having surgery.

The Commissioner of Charities has said that it is currently looking into the matter.

The Chinese evening daily, Lianhe Wanbao, also updated that a devotee at the temple shared that the temple's management committee called for an emergency meeting on Nov. 15 after the scandal broke.

It is believed to be a discussion on the allegations made against the abbot.

Top image via Roots.sg.