Lam Pin Min explains reason for overnight ban, denies it is a flip-flop

He says it is 'responsible' to prohibit PMDs on footpaths.

Tanya Ong | November 12, 2019, 10:48 PM

The abruptness of the PMD ban on footpaths has left many food delivery riders frustrated.

Senior Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min recently addressed some of their concerns during a closed-door session at Anchorvale Community Centre earlier tonight (Nov. 12).

Speaking to the media afterwards, he also responded to queries on whether the ban was an "about-turn".

Have been looking at situation for long time

Lam said that it was a "difficult decision" that they had to come to.

Citing the significant numbers of injuries, accidents and fatalities in the past months as a result of PMDs on footpaths, Lam said that they had to "do something to bring safety back to the footpaths".

He also explained that the decision came after "looking at this situation for a long time".

Following the announcement, he also stressed that they are providing an advisory period until the end of the year for riders to adjust.

"We have made the announcement and come up with the decision and at the same time we have also provided an advisory period till the end of this year because we know that some people need time to adjust, some people may not be aware of the news, and therefore this advisory period."

He also said that they are working with food delivery companies to facilitate with the transition.

Not a flip-flop

Responding to questions from reporters, he also added that he does not see this policy as a "flip-flop".

"Well I don't see this as a flip-flop because if you look at the history of active mobility, since 2017 since the enactment of the active mobility act, we have been trying to promote the use of active mobility in a safe and responsible way."

Mentioning the Active Mobility Act, Lam stated that they have been trying to promote the use of active mobility in a "safe and responsible way".

These include mandatory registration, safe riding programmes, and the decreasing of the speed limit of devices on footpaths.

He reiterated the media reports of PMD-linked fatalities and said:

"I think it is a responsible thing to do to prohibit the use of PMDs on footpaths because of several reports we have read in newspaper about severe injuries as well as fatalities."

You can watch the Facebook Live video here:

Top photo composite image: Screengrab via Mothership Live video, photo by Belmont Lay.