Japanese man transforms from 'uncle' to beautiful lady in makeup tutorial video

Pushing the boundaries of make-up.

Julia Yeo | November 18, 2019, 12:37 PM

The beauty community on YouTube has gained great popularity and viewership over the years.

Many YouTubers like Zoella and James Charles, who started out as make-up gurus have made it big internationally, starting their own cosmetic lines and becoming commanding names in the industry.

However, we're not here to talk about them today.

Japanese man films makeup tutorials

We're here to show you the other side of the beauty community - a middle-aged, bearded Japanese man, who teaches his viewers that anyone can transform into a young, beautiful girl.


This self-professed "uncle", nicknamed Himeni, enjoys wearing wearing makeup and frilly dresses, while speaking in a masculine voice.

While he's not the first male beauty guru on YouTube, Himeni has a considerable following of roughly 68,600 subscribers.

This is what he looks like, without make-up:

Himeni face, masculine Photo via Himeni/YT

And after the Cinderella transformation:

Himeni after makeup Photo via Himeni/YT


Sharing his make-up tips

In his tutorial, Himeni has a few tips for viewers on various ways to beautify themselves.

He emphasises the need to conceal facial hair regions.

Concealing facial hair Gif via Himeni/YT

He added that female viewers could ignore this part. Unless applicable.

Another tip he gave - focus on the eyes.

Gif via Himeni/YT

Pretty much half of the tutorial was spent glamming up the eyes.

The beauty guru added that contouring and highlighting was important as well.

contouring Gif via Himeni/YT

Definitely taking notes.

Watch the full video here:


Top image via @1293Maron/Twitter