5 questions Heng Swee Keat asked Workers’ Party on AHTC in his 65-minute speech

Heng said that if AHTC were a company, Lim and Low would be interdicted – prohibited or restrained from acting – pending their appeal.

Tanya Ong | November 5, 2019 @ 05:42 pm

On Nov. 5, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat filed a motion in Parliament, which called for Low Thia Khiang & Sylvia Lim to recuse themselves from Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) financial matters.

In his speech delivered in Parliament, Heng expressed his hope that the Workers’ Party (WP) will “take action”.

He also presented several questions directed at Pritam and Lim, as well as AHTC Chairman Faisal Manap, regarding what they intend to do since the court judgment was passed.

Here are the five main questions that he asked:

#1: Will they apologise?

Heng questioned if Pritam Singh and Sylvia Lim, as WP Sec-Gen and Chairman respectively, will apologise on behalf of the party.

Heng also asked if Faisal Manap, as the Chairman of AHTC, will apologise to the residents of Aljunied and Hougang, for letting them down.

#2: Will they require MPs to recuse themselves?

Citing adverse findings made against the AHTC MPs, Heng asked:

“How can they remain in charge of the Town Council’s affairs, as if it is business as usual?”

He also asked if Faisal is going to require the MPs to recuse themselves from the Town Council’s affairs, pending the disposal of any appeal they may file.

#3: Will Pritam & Lim direct Faisal Manap?

Heng noted that WP chief Pritam Singh and Chairman Sylvia Lim, as leaders of the party, are responsible for their party standards and discipline.

He then asked if Pritam and Lim will direct Faisal Manap to do the right thing to protect AHTC’s governance.

#4: Will another CEC member take charge?

Heng noted that it is a standard practice in the corporate world to let other leaders to take charge of the matter.

Heng said that if AHTC were a company, Lim and Low “would, at the very least, have been interdicted – prohibited or restrained from acting – pending their appeal”.

He added that they would have been forced to leave the company a long time ago, instead of being allowed to carry on, in the same roles and enjoying the same degree of financial oversight over public funds.

Heng asked if Pritam and Lim would stand aside temporarily to allow some other Workers’ Party’s CEC member to take charge.

Pritam and Lim are currently vice-chairmen of AHTC, while Low is a member of AHTC.

#5: Will Lim be removed?

Heng also asked if Faisal would remove Lim as Vice-Chairman, or if he would allow her to continue to be in a position to co-sign cheques on behalf of AHTC.


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