Over 1 in 3 GrabFood riders affected by PMD ban on footpaths

Grab is trying to engage the government, to see if special concessions can be made for delivery-partners who ride responsibly.

Joshua Lee | November 04, 2019, 09:02 PM

With the recent announcement that e-scooters will be banned from all footpaths starting Nov. 5, 2019, delivery riders who depend on the device are finding it a blow to their livelihood.

1 in 3 GrabFood delivery-partners depend on e-scooters

In response to Mothership's queries, a Grab spokesperson said that Grab respects the decision by the Government to ban e-scooters on all footpaths due to safety.

The spokesperson also revealed that over one in three GrabFood delivery-partners rely on e-scooters to fulfil orders and earn an income.

"With the new direction, affected partners will have to consider other modes of transport, which may not be readily available to them," said the spokesperson.

The spokesperson also said that Grab plans to engage the Government on possible a possible arrangement for delivery-partners who ride responsibly:

"Grab plans to engage the Government in further dialogue on the possibility of allowing delivery-partners who have displayed responsible riding behaviours the option to continue using e-Scooters under certain conditions for delivery."

They added that GrabFood is committed to helping all affected partners and will be reaching out to them by the end of the week.

Grab also asked for understanding on the part of consumers:

"During this period, we would like to seek consumers’ understanding that they may have to wait longer for their orders or may experience an increase in cancellations by delivery-partners who may not be able to cover the delivery distance on foot.”

Deliveroo promises not to work with riders who flout the law

Meanwhile, Deliveroo has made a public stand against riders who flout the rules.

In response to CNA's queries, Deliveroo said:

“We sent out communications to all riders today to inform them of the new regulation. Should any rider be found using an e-scooter on footpaths after Nov 5, we will stop working with them.”

According to CNA, Deliveroo had stopped taking in PMD delivery riders since May 2019.

Deliveroo also told CNA that it expects the ban to have minimal impact on its operations.

This echoes what Senior Minister of State Lam Pin Min said in Parliament, that less than 30 per cent of Deliveroo and FoodPanda riders use e-scooters.

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Top image by Zheng Zhangxin.