Customer allegedly finds glass bits in smoothie at Slappy Cakes, manager said it's a ‘small issue’

The staff who prepared the drink did not show remorse either.

Zhangxin Zheng| November 18, 08:42 PM

It was probably a typical Sunday out for a 35-year-old civil servant and her family.

But the weekend clearly did not end on a good note for the family of five.

The woman, addressed as Wu by Lianhe Wanbao, was having a meal with her three children aged five, seven and eight, as well as her husband at pancake house Slappy Cakes in Plaza Singapura on Nov. 17.

They ordered some food and a glass of berries smoothie at around 4:30pm.

Wu was the first to drink the smoothie and felt that there were some rough particles in her mouth.

She initially thought they were ice bits but, to her horror, she found that they were glass bits after spitting them out.

She immediately asked her children not to drink the smoothie but was shocked to hear from her seven-year-old son had already drunk some of it.

The reporter from the Chinese evening daily arrived at Slappy Cakes at around 7pm.

Wu told the reporter that she was upset because she felt it was an act of severe negligence which could lead to serious consequences, especially for young children, as the glass bits can hurt the throat and intestines.

Manager did not take the matter seriously

The adults stayed back to reason with the pancake house personnel after the incident.

According to Wu, they managed to filter out more glass bits from the remaining quarter of smoothie.

Some fragments were blended into finer bits, while the others are glass shards with sharp edges.

What made the matter worse was the way the matter was allegedly handled by the manager.

Wu claimed that the manager attempted to push the blame to the supplier when she demanded an explanation.

According to Wu, the manager allegedly only briefly said that the glass bits were probably left in the glass cups when delivered so it was the supplier’s fault.

The couple felt that the manager was being patronising as he even said that this was a small issue.

The manager apparently did not show concern for the well-being of the mother and son but only told them that they did not have to pay for the meal.

To add on, the staff who prepared the smoothie also did not admit to any negligence.

Wu was left really dissatisfied with the irresponsible attitude of the staff.

Scratches on throat

Both Wu and her son felt discomfort in their throat at around 9pm so they decided to go to a hospital for checks.

They did some scans and the doctor said that the glass bits scratched Wu's throat.

Wu added that she felt uncomfortable even when drinking water.

Fortunately, no glass bits were stuck within.

The report did not mention about the seven-year-old's condition.

Investigation is ongoing

The Singapore Food Agency has been alerted to the case and is currently looking into the matter.

The Slappy Cakes management has responded to Wanbao that they will assist with the investigation.

They have taken the smoothies down from the menu temporarily and will replace all glass cups with acrylic ones.

They added that they have contacted Wu and plan to visit the family.

Top photo collage from The Ordinary Patrons/Google Maps and Slappy Cakes/Facebook