Woman in S'pore edits past Instagram posts with exes to reflect what actually went on

From sh*tty guys to witty captions.

Jane Zhang| November 11, 05:49 PM

Dating can be fun, but also awkward… especially when things end.

And when they do, then comes the uncomfortable question of what to do with the digital evidence that has accumulated from a no-longer-relevant relationship.

While some Instagram users may opt to delete or archive photos of them with their exes, one girl decided to do something different.

On Nov. 8, Rosie (@jasminericegirl) shared what she had done with her old photos with “sh*tty guys”:

According to her Instagram bio (@im.hongry), Rosie is a student at University of Pennsylvania who is currently based in Singapore.

In the tweet, she included three photos with edited captions:

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like if you think I can do better edit: he broke up with me through facebook messenger so yes, I can do better

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not a fan of valentine’s day but a huge fan of my valentine 💕 edit: he broke up with me the next day!

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took a 7 hour bus to boston to take this picture edit: was not worth the trip

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Decent guys didn't get edited

She clarified, though, that for the people in the photos on her Instagram that she did not edit, she wished them well and was thankful for them.

She has at least two posts with male companions which do not appear to have been edited.

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had steak for dinner and each other for dessert #datenight

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swipe left to see what i look like after 4 drinks

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Inspired others to do the same

The sentiment behind her tweet seems to have resonated with many.

At the time of writing, her original tweet had 14,500 retweets and close to 60,000 likes.

Some other Twitter users were so inspired that they decided to do the same. 

Cass (@grtrthn_) shared four screenshots of her edited “accurate” captions for posts that featured her ex-partner.


Here’s an example of one of them, in which she detailed that her boyfriend at the time had been cheating on her and “things weren’t ok.”

Screenshot of an Instagram post by @grtrthn Image from @grtrthn_'s Twitter post

Cass clarified in a follow-up tweet that she was able to move forward from this relationship and grew in the process.

Rosie and Cass both agreed that rather than pretending that the bad relationships didn’t happen, they could recognise that these experiences helped them to grow and to learn what they know today.

Other women's terrible exes

Other Twitter users chimed in with similar experiences:

Rosie clarifies

Since this article was published, Rosie has chimed in on her Twitter to clarify her intentions with posting the initial tweet:

For her, it was not about throwing shade at the men involved. Instead, it was about recognising her individual growth through the experiences, as well as not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to share photos that she felt she looked good in.

Taking away the perception of perfection

Another Twitter user pointed out that Rosie's tweet helped bring Instagram back to reality:

Sometimes what you see is not what you get.

And when that's the case, what better to do than to edit the previously-perfect captions so that the whole world can know what you now know, and reclaim your experience along the way?

Top image via @jasminericegirl on Twitter


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